19 MPH?

Posted: June 27, 2011 in Life, Places and Events
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Friday night we traveled about 30 minutes to Suncadia Resort for one of their Summer concerts. On the way into the the center of the resort area I saw this speed limit sign and snapped a picture..

19 MPH? Odd… or was I missing something. Later in the evening I asked a friend who is an employee there about it..she doesn’t know why they do that..but she said they periodically change!

The Clumsy Lovers were playing and they were great. Going into the concert I didn’t really know what to expect since our friend suggested going because he listens to their music and I was pleasantly surprised. The band was friendly and lots of fun..they were going to play at The Tractor the next night in Seattle..wish I could have seen them there in a bit more upbeat setting. Looking forward to listening to them some more and seeing them again sometime.

The resort is beautiful and I snapped a picture of the lodge and golf course from hole one..

So another weekend down..was a good one. Next weekend is The 4th of July..have a friends BBQ to attend. Its going to be catered and some hula dancing entertainment. I love my weekends!


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