Posted: November 12, 2013 in Food and Drink, Life
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I love! That said, its a website that allows you to interact with various brands by doing photo challenges, quickhit questions and various other activities. Check it out here and see if its something you might like, Crowdtap. One of the most fun activities is to be chosen for a sample and share. This time around I was lucky enough to get picked for the largest home party so far, the Truvia Brunch Party! I received many Truvia products, individual packets, spoonable product and Truvia Baking.

IMG_2019Here is my daughter getting ready to bake with Truvia! We had fun getting ready for the brunch party. We make some Raspberry Oatmeal Bars from the Truvia website, We also made blended coffee using Truvia natural sweetener instead of sugar!

IMG_2031IMG_2033 IMG_2032

I also got some various other products that were equally yummy! Folgers Coffee, Smuckers Stawberry Jam, a great wooden spoon and even an apron!

Our guest came in and out throughout the morning, but I did manage to catch one picture with a few gals that stopped by for brunch!

IMG_0933Thanks to everyone that came by, I loved visiting over pastries, goodies and hot coffee and a big thank you to Truvia and Crowdtap for making it a great morning!


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