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I like browsing blogs. I tend to like the writers who add a bit of personality to their writing and small glimpses into their lives the most.

I’ve decided to give my own blog a shot, covering a little bit of day to day life but mostly weekend excursions concerning new food, wines, beers and outdoor activities. My husband and I decided late last year that we were going to go and discover more local treasures that are available to us in the Pacific Northwest area that we live in. We live in an area with an amazing array of outdoor venues, arts and cultures and beautiful living wherever you turn and happen to look.

 We are heading up to a local resort area for a free concert tonight, see the details here on their facebook page Suncadia Summer Nights in the Village. I Will post my pics and thoughts later this weekend about the wine, food and music.

So if you happened by this by accident or I directed you here, Welcome ♥